We are Iris, the AI & innovation strategy division of DEUS.
We help you fast-track and realise AI opportunities that create measurable impact.
Responsible by design.
There is great excitement over the benefits of applying artificial intelligence, but there is also a lot of noise, which can make it difficult to separate real value creation from hype.

We help you cut through the noise and focus on what matters. Our services, tools and methodologies are designed to help you leverage your domain expertise, fast-track AI opportunities and create measurable impact.
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We curate an open source library of tools, methods and guidebooks to help you fast-track AI & Innovation across your organisation.
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Our services

We help you put our methods and insights into action with AI keynotes, leadership workshops, roadmapping and proof of concepts.
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Achieve your long-term AI vision by creating immediate and measurable results.

Establishing a long-term vision is useful, but only when it’s tailored to the organisational context and its available resources.

Our services and tools are designed to help you achieve immediate and measurable results with AI initiatives. We do this by critically evaluating value drivers from day one, so you can start demonstrating results and gain the needed momentum to realise impact with AI at scale.
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Our services

Fast-track AI opportunities in your organisation


AI Keynotes

Inspire your people and teams with engaging keynotes that showcase the possibilities of AI, or deep-dive into critical themes and trends.
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AI Leadership workshops

Build your first use case long list in a  customised workshop, in which your leadership team learns about AI opportunities and how they can be leveraged in your organisation and industry.
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Establish your AI Roadmap

Establish your actionable AI roadmap. We apply tangible research and rapid prototyping to assess the desirability, viability & feasibility and prioritise with increased confidence.
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Create a Proof of Concept

Accelerate (Generative) AI adoption with a proof of concept, tailored for future integration into your technology setup that delivers measurable results to support scalability.
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Build & Integrate your solution

As delivery partner, we can develop & integrate the solution into your tech infrastructure, with the confidence that it meets real user needs and is supported by a solid business case
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AI & Innovation Library

Explore our open source library of tools, methods and guidebooks that help you leverage your domain knowledge and fast-track AI & Innovation across your organisation.

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our team

We combine deep PhD-level industry knowledge of AI with years of experience in designing & launching AI propositions.

Identifying, shaping, and evaluating the viability of AI opportunities involve a distinct skillset compared to what’s required for the actual development of AI applications. This initial phase requires strategic alignment, guided exploration and desirability/viability/feasibility assessments to set the groundwork for AI projects that deliver measurable results.

The DEUS IRIS team brings a unique combination of skills, specialised in helping organisations fast-track this initial phase.

However, unlike typical strategy consulting, we can also help you design, build and deliver the identified AI opportunities. We partner in different ways; from full delivery teams to hybrid coaching of your in-house teams, to ensure the execution delivers on the promised measurable results.

You can learn more about our data & AI architecture and development capabilities, and how our teams of data scientists, engineers and designers can help you realise the data & AI opportunities after defining the value proposition and strategic priorities.

Niya Stoimenova

Responsible AI | Strategic Foresight | Business Architecture

Niya Stoimenova is the Responsible AI & Strategic Foresight lead of DEUS, where she enables organisations to leverage AI opportunities in a responsible, desirable and viable way. She holds a PhD from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. Her research is focused on shaping the theoretical foundations of common-sense (abductive) reasoning. With a multidisciplinary background encompassing (organisational) design, mathematics, and philosophy, Niya approaches AI with a holistic vision, focused on mitigating potential harmful unintended consequences inherent to AI systems.

Nathalie Post

AI & Innovation Strategy | Leadership Facilitation | Program Management

Nathalie is the co-founder and Head of Strategy of DEUS, where she helps organisations apply artificial intelligence responsibly to create value for people, business & society. As an experienced facilitator, she guides leadership teams in understanding, identifying and realising AI opportunities. Nathalie is Steering Committee member for the AI Business Consultant degree program at Hyper Island and Industry Leader for AI Process Design & Design Thinking. Previously, she was Innovation Program Lead at Accenture Interactive, where she helped global enterprises and corporate ventures realise data, AI & creative technology initiatives. Nathalie holds a degree (cum laude) in Artificial Intelligence.

Lisa Vork

AI Product & Service Design | Rapid Prototyping | Data Visualisation

Lisa is AI Product & Service Design Lead at DEUS, bringing over a decade of experience in human-centered design and innovation to her role. Specializing in data-rich products, she is driven by her passion for leveraging design research to unravel the complexities of intricate processes and human behavior. While doing so, she is dedicated to leveraging the power of (data) visualisation to enhance comprehension and foster collaboration among multidisciplinary teams. The rise and adoption of AI driven products, especially conversational AI, are drastically changing our interaction design patterns. Armed with a Master's degree in Design for Interaction, Lisa possesses both the strategic mindset and creative prowess necessary to navigate and shape this transformative wave of products for the betterment of society.

Why work with us

Some of the key challenges we tackle

How can we identify and grow the right AI opportunities?

Together, we will find and grow the most impactful and feasible AI applications that are tailored to your domain knowledge, resources and capabilities.

How can we establish the right foundation to scalable success with AI?

We will help you create and implement a set of reusable building blocks that ensure you can easily replicate success across different business lines and use cases.

How can we ensure AI adoption drives company-wide success?

We will work with you to set up mechanisms for ongoing evaluation of the business value generated by AI applications for your organisation, encompassing model metrics, KPIs, and compliance.

Our approach

How we fast-track AI opportunities

We cut through the noise and provide the knowledge & tools you need to focus on what matters.
We leverage your domain knowledge to identify unique opportunities tailored to your business context.
We help you achieve your long-term vision by creating immediate and measurable results.
We combine PhD-level industry knowledge of AI with years of experience in designing & launching AI propositions.
Responsible by design: we conceptualise and design responsible AI systems that are aligned with human and business objectives from day one.

What's in the name


Image of Iris travelling on the rainbow
Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow, is known for her swiftness as a messenger between gods and humans, bridging the heavens & the earth.

We intend to bridge the hypothetical with the reality of AI by applying the practical tools & knowledge needed to swiftly turn fuzzy ideas into concrete results.
image of the iris of an eye
The iris allows people to focus by controlling the size of the pupil, regulating the amount of light that enters the eye and how the image is viewed on the retina. Also, an iris is unique for each individual.

We help people focus on what’s relevant in a world of overwhelming possibilities and misinformation looking at the unique position of organisations.

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